Russian Chess Federation Switches guide To Dvorkovich

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Russian Chess Federation Switches guide To Dvorkovich

The Russian Chess Federation has elected Arkady Dvorkovich as its candidate for the FIDE presidential elections. The Kirsan Ilyumzhinov era in chess looks to be coming to an end. In an absentee ballot, 24 votes have been got by way of the Russian Chess Federation’s secretariat through daftar poker 6 p.m. Moscow time on Wednesday, June 27. Twenty-two Supervisory Board members voted in desire of Dvorkovich and two in want of Ilyumzhinov.

At a board meeting on can also 6, Ilyumzhinov and his ticket had got a fragile endorsement from the Russian Chess Federation. Andrey Filatov, President of the federation, expressed his reservations, asserting a meeting could be held with the international Ministry.”as a result of some individuals on the ticket raise questions.”Dvorkovich, a former Deputy best Minister and a former Assistant to the President within the Russian executive, announced his candidacy two weeks in the past. Few doubted he would get the aid from the chess federation.

The professional reporter Sarah Hurst has suggested that the Russian govt, not wanting to lose its grip on the chess world, has ordered Dvorkovich to take up the FIDE management: “Dvorkovich is also well conscious that former financial system Minister Alexei Ulyukayev has been jailed for eight years and that an identical destiny could look ahead to him if he fails to toe the Kremlin line,” she mentioned.

within the fight for votes from the chess delegates, Dvorkovich appears to have enjoyed his first success as far as the African continent is involved. Lewis Ncube, the latest Continental President for Africa and operating for another term, has announced that he now not helps Ilyumzhinov, but Dvorkovich instead.

Dvorkovich and Ncube at a meeting on June 17. | African Chess Confederationfb.

A supply informed Chessm that Ilyumzhinov introduced his crew participants to Dvorkovich on June 17, and a few of them have now switched aspects. Ilyumzhinov’s options to hold another FIDE presidential election have seriously diminished, but he still hasn’t announced his withdrawal.

Ilyumzhinov, FIDE President due to the fact that 1995, has all the time been controversial. On the one hand he is a powerful diplomat, and has invested tens of millions in chess. however, he has been linked to the homicide of a journalist, and raised eyebrows for traveling dictators and pointing out he was abducted through aliens.

Ilyumzhinov at the 2017 Moscow Grand Prix. | Maria EmelianovaChessm.Leontxo García, a particularly skilled chess journalist who writes for El País, commented to Chessm: If Kirsan withdraws or not is barely important from the news element of view. the most essential rely is that if there is any chance of changing the mentality amongst FIDE officers. They supported Kirsan provided that he become able to deliver a lot of money, which has been his leading contribution to chess.

closing September, after one total day with Kirsan in Chongqing China, I may suppose that his hobby in chess as an educational tool is awfully sincere, youngsters his easy methods to put it up for sale are not the top-rated. however, Kirsan turned into born and informed, and made a lot of money, in a culture where corruption changed into very common on each day groundwork. Then he landed in FIDE, the place the lifestyle of corruption changed into already consolidated via Florencio Campomanes the previous FIDE president – PD and his crew in view that the eighties.  i used to be, as a journalist, an instantaneous witness of it in view that the Dubai Olympiad in 1986.

hence, corruption is whatever herbal for a lot of of the existing FIDE principals happily, now not all of them. and never handiest that: they’re additionally very inefficient when it comes to advertising, photograph, communications, sponsors, et cetera.

To have a distinct president in October will imply whatever good for chess only if the brand new crew is not corrupted and has an expert method to how chess will probably be promoted everywhere the realm. the new participants of the board ought to be mindful how much chess can make a contribution to a stronger world chiefly as an academic, matey and therapeutic tool in the event that they do an outstanding and sincere job.

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